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"Coach has been my personal trainer for over 2 years now. He promises a strong fit body and he delivers!

He is really motivational, keeps it interesting and keeps it real. A great coach and a great guy who connects on the personal level and always puts in the extra effort."

Dr. Simon Blount - Barrister

"Adam has been training the team at Advancy over the past 5 years. The weekly session with Adam is a highlight for the team. Adam is great at reading the team and building up a session that works for everyone, but also challenges the fittest. He mixes games and challenges which it fun and interesting. Adam is great at helping out with weaknesses and injuries, and provides a lot of individual coaching. 


As a result, the team is getting fitter, more energised, and has less body pains. I strongly recommend training with Coach Adam for immediate results and a long-term investment in your wellbeing. "

Carl Brostrom, Senior Partner, Advancy

"I have known Adam ‘Coach Carter' for the past 13 years through the Fitness Industry. Adam moved very quickly through the ranks in the Health and Wellness space, moving to a Senior mentoring role very early on in his career. He was able to establish himself as a 'go to' Fitness trainer who commanded a strong presence on the gym floor.


Adam has always retained his clients with many still now training with him a decade later. Communication is one of Adams strong points and he uses this strength to ensure he taps into the psyche of each of his clients and gets them mentally focused and driven to achieve their goals. Adam is always searching for an edge with his personal growth and shows a thirst for learning and self development. I would highly recommend Adam and his professional services!”

Luke Britton - Owner of Momentum Physio